What you can, and cannot wear to the polls in New York


A person displays an “I Voted” sticker. (Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

NEW YORK (WWTI) — Thinking of wearing your favorite election tshirt to the polls on November 3? You might want to check to make sure it’s allowed.

Laws in New York State prohibit the practice of electioneering at poll sites statewide. This is applicable at any polling location, or in any public street within a one hundred foot radius from the polling entrance.

According to the New York Consolidated Laws, Election Law – ELN § 8-104. Polls electioneering includes wearing or placing political banners, buttons, posters or placards.

More specifically for the 2020 Election, masks, butoms, shirts, hats or other apparel that display phrases such as “Trump 2020,” “Joe Biden for President,”or “Vote ‘No’,” are all prohibited from polling locations. Those who choose to wear such apparel will be asked to cover it up or remove it.

According to the New York State Senate, those who fail to comply will be subject to a misdemeanor.

However, apparel with more ambiguous language such as “Make America Great Again,” or “Black Lives Matter,” will be permitted at polling locations and will not be in violation of polling regulations.

New Yorkers with questions regarding specific phrases or apparel are encouraged to contact their local New York Board of Elections Office.


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