Our Mission
To reduce underage drinking/substance abuse and expeditiously address any emerging threats.

Our Vision
A community that is fully committed to the health and safety of its residents.

The Alliance for Better Communities is a community coalition dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy environment for the youth and young adults of our community by working to reduce underage drinking and substance abuse. Members of our coalition come from across the sectors of the community, which include:

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Organization
  • Business
  • Civic / Volunteer Group
  • Healthcare
  • Law Enforcement
  • Media
  • Parent
  • Religious/Fraternal
  • School
  • State / Local Government Agency
  • Youth
  • Youth Servicing Organization

Members assess the conditions and factors in our community that contribute to specific negative behaviors and work to address these at the environmental level through awareness campaigns, local advocacy, and collective action. We help members of our community identify issues of concern that impact youth and develop strategies to address these issues and work to create community-level change. When all the sectors of a community come together to address a common issue, change can happen!

The Youth Alliance of Jefferson County

Our Mission
To reduce underage drinking and substance use while building capacity in youth through healthy life experiences using this four-pronged approach:


  • Connect youth from diverse backgrounds and experiences who want to make a difference in their community.
  • Create safe spaces to build meaningful relationships and connections.


  • Support youth with healthy lifestyle education.
  • Work with youth to find their own messages to deliver to the community at large.


  • Create opportunities for positive experiences and natural highs.
  • Create opportunities to give back to the community at large.


  • Support youth with opportunities to be their own voice.
  • Assist youth with different approaches to get their message out.

Get Involved
You too can create positive change in our community. Become a member or volunteer for an event. Membership is open to youth up to age eighteen or adult who resides or works in Jefferson County, New York. The Alliance organizes and coordinates member activities within various committees, which are outlined below. Please complete the following information and an Alliance staff member will contact you:

  • Assessment Committee: Identifies and addresses risk and protective factors, resources, and committee needs.
  • Capacity Committee: Builds and mobilizes membership to address needs and expand membership.
  • Planning Committee: Establishes criteria for prioritizing risk and protective factors associated with the identified priority problems and develop appropriate strategies and action plan.
  • Implementation Committee: Operates in conjunction with the Planning Committee to develop and oversee appropriate intervention strategies, influence policy development and advocate for change.
  • Evaluation Committee: Measures the impact of Alliance programs, policies, and practices through analysis of the various Committee work plan activities and results.
  • Media Sub-Committee: Plans and develops regular communications through various sources to keep members and the community informed of the Alliance’s activities, priorities, and results.
  • Diversity Sub-Committee: Operates in conjunction with the Media-Sub-Committee to ensure that all communications to the community are culturally sensitive and appropriately packaged.
  • Volunteer: Various capacities as needed for events.