What should I expect at my appointment? Q&A with experts from MediSpa at St. Lawrence Surgery

Ask the Expert

(WWTI) – We asked the experts at MediSpa at St. Lawrence Surgery one question and they gave us a very helpful answer.

Our question:

What should I expect at my consult?

Their answer:

The process starts with just a phone call. A lot of people when they call here, don’t really know all of our services and what we have to offer or what they want. So that initial consultation is with one of our estheticians sitting down with someone and going over the different options available for them based off of what they came in to see us for and their skin type, age, health status and daily skin routine.

A lot of the consultations start with just going over what they are doing at home. Are they washing their face? Do they have a morning routine and a nighttime routine? Are they using sunblock? What’s their nutritional status? We educate them on quitting smoking and similar things.

Our estheticians help guide people through the process to get them to some of the higher medical grade treatments that we do.

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