ABC50 presents Alex Hazard’s Life Hacks: Getting rid of puffy bags under your eyes


Do you ever wake up in the morning and have those puffy bags under your eyes? Mine can be so big that I could use them as reusable grocery bags.

Here are some hacks:

Keep some spoons in the freezer! After you get out of the shower, simply place the spoons over your eyes. The cold is going to lift the collagen to the surface and fill those bags with some nice fatty groceries, making your eyes smile and your day brighter (especially when you look in the mirror)!

Another hack for puffy eyes is to place some cucumbers over your eyes, just like they do at the spa! To be honest, I’m not really sure why this works, but it does! Maybe it is just one of those mind over matter things? I find that this hack works better in the middle of the day if you notice that the bags are starting to develop. Plus, if you’re hungry, now you have a snack. Two birds, One cucumber! 

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-Alex Hazard

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