When it comes to any aspect in life, we have to amend our wrong doings. When it comes to leather shoes in the winter, that usually means that we didn’t give them a protective treatment before exposing them to that dangerous ice-melting salt on the sidewalks.

Don’t worry- I can almost promise it’s the easiest fix you’ll make! Just dilute some white vinegar with water and take a scrub brush to the salt lines! 

Speaking of shoes on the icy sidewalks, dress shoes can slip all over the place, and really be very dangerous. All they need is a little friction to help you to keep standing upright. Simply scratch the bottoms up with some sandpaper, creating little ridges to give you some traction.

Lastly, let’s talk about wrinkles. I am all about aging gracefully and embracing the wrinkles on your skin, but not on your knee high leather boots. When it comes to preventing wrinkles on your skin – moisturize and embrace the smile lines!

When it comes to wrinkles on your leather boots…no excuses! The solution is simple, just hang them on a pants hanger or put part of a foam pool noodle in them to keep them standing upright. Prevention is key!

-ABC50’s Alex Hazard

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