Alex Hazard’s Life Hacks: Safely cleaning up broken glass

Alex Hazard's Life Hacks

A broken glass can break your heart (figuratively), could slice a finger (literally), or make a mess (definitely)! You should be so careful when cleaning it up. Here is the hack to make it just a little easier and safer:

First, you say potato, and so do I! Slice up your favorite “vegetable” from Idaho and use a wedge to pick up some of the larger shards. The starchy moisture attracts the glass to the potato like salt on a french fry! 

For some of the smaller pieces that are harder to see, use a piece of bread. Just be careful that you are only using this for really small pieces that won’t poke through. The sponginess of the bread soaks in the small shards… and prevents you from eating more carbs! 

-Alex Hazard

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