Mutt Monday: Olaf

Mutt Monday
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Olaf is our pet of the week.  He’s a very sweet and loving kitten.  He would be a welcome addition to any home.  You may be asking yourself  “where are all the dogs?”.  We have dogs but it seems that as quickly as they come in, they have names placed on them, holding them for adoption after their surgery.  It’s an odd and wonderful problem at the same time!  We have dogs but they get placed very quickly.  The best advice, if you are in the market for a dog, is to stop frequently and check out the situation.  If you see a dog you like you can put your name on the dog.  If you’re the first name, you have first option after the surgery.  If you are one of the subsequent names, we go in order of who came in first, second, third and so on!  It’s a great problem to have….people are lined up for our unwanted dogs!

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