Consumer Reports: Desktop computers are making a comeback

Consumer Reports

CONSUMER REPORTS — With smartphones, tablets, and laptops seemingly everywhere these days, you may have forgotten about the powerful, yet humble desktop computer. Paul Germain builds them himself.

“I can put the best components in. The best video, the best screen, the best processor. I’m not bending over to look at a little tiny screen. Everything’s just the way I want it,” said Germain.

Sales of desktops have risen recently- by a lot. And Consumer Reports says there are several reasons to consider one for your home.

“Desktops have a large display, impressive computing power and are more ergonomic than laptops,” said Nicholas De Leon, Consumer Reports Tech Export.

Imagine that: No more hunching over a laptop — with a desktop like this new 24-inch all-in-one Apple iMac with an M1 processor. CR’s experts say it did well in performance tests and has an excellent display.

A less expensive option, the HP Envy full size desktop-one of the fastest in CR’s ratings. Plus, it scored excellent for ergonomics.

And if you’re tight on space…the compact model from Asus could be the perfect fit.

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