Vince Vaughn back in Upstate NY for filming of ‘The Binge’


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Hanover Square in Syracuse became the latest location for actor Vince Vaughn to be spotted.

More scenes are being shot for his film called “The Binge.”

The movie is being produced by American High, a company based in Syracuse. The comedy will be available on Hulu, but there is no word on a release date just yet.

More than 20 locations in Central New York will appear in the movie. It is being filmed exclusively in the Greater Syracuse Area.

“We really have a great cost of living. Our architecture is fantastic. We have four seasons. Believe it or not people like to film in the snow,” said Eric Vinal, who organizes all the shooting locations and staff. “We have a very hands-on approach to what we are doing. Everyone in Syracuse is one-degree of separation and we bring that hometown feel to what we present and the treatment isn’t the same in LA or New York. But these movies, they leave a lot of money in our area. We do $10 million in budgets last year, which left about $7 million in our area. We’ll wrap this year with $25 million in production budgets which will leave over $17 million in CNY.”

Dozens of people headed to Hanover Square Wednesday night to see Vaughn. The scene was set for a large party in the movie.

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