Rochester man released from hospital after 8-month battle with COVID-19


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Some positive news on the topic of Coronavirus for one family, as they greeted a relative who finally beat the Coronavirus and its aftereffects tearing apart his body. The end of a long uphill battle. 

At one point he only had a 3% chance of surviving, but after an eight-month battle with the Coronavirus and its side effects, Frank Marti-Jerez is coming home with his family.  

Staff at the Monroe Community Hospital greeted the 65-year-old COVID survivor with a surprise sendoff gathering with one final treatment of cheers. With the help of a translator, he expressed his emotions.  

“A lot of the time I did not know that my family was there but now I know they were there for me all the time,” Marti-Jerez expressed after being pushed outside by his son. “Everybody in this place and the Strong Hospital has been good to me so I’m happy and surprised a little bit.”  

After contracting COVID-19 back in January Frank spent four months at URC Strong Hospital before getting transferred to Monroe Community Hospital. The tear on his lungs and body worsened but he never quit fighting.  

“I wanted to give my family a hug, I want to be home with them,” Marti-Jerez cried. “It’s been a long time being out of the house and I’m ready to go back home.” 

“He ended up in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at strong and was on a ventilator which then led him to get a tracheostomy which is a permanent breathing tube and a G-tube to be fed,” Erin Stefanovic, Frank’s Nurse, said. “He defined the odd and got that tracheostomy out and that peg tube out. He can walk.”  

While this journey has a happy ending, the Marti-Jerez family and hospital staff plead for all to avoid this burden hitting your family by getting the vaccine and take the pandemic seriously.  

You need to get vaccinated. The virus is very serious. You can lose your family member.  
While in the hospital Frank was able to get the vaccine which doctors say you can still do even while battling the aftereffects from Covid. 

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