Syracuse man recounts 88-day battle with COVID that caused coma, months away from family


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Jahquan Bey-Wright wasn’t feeling well in December 2020. He was having trouble breathing, so he went to the hospital. 

“I went into the hospital thinking I had the flu. I told my children I will be right back. They’ll give me antibiotics,” Bey-Wright said. 

He would end up spending 88 days in the hospital. His case is a long-haul COVID case that caused him to enter a coma, have several health issues, and left him temporarily unable to walk. 

He spent nearly three months away from his kids and family.

“When I was going through it, you don’t really think about other people. But, my parents, my family and my loved one were going through it too. I am the one in the hospital, but they’re going through it and they’re praying harder than me for me to have a speedy recovery,” he recounted. 

After weeks of wondering if he’d ever be able to walk, Jahquan is doing better and he wants to make sure people know his story. 

He spoke during an online forum to people from Syracuse Thursday night. 

“Hopefully tonight people and through my experiences people can learn and get vaccinated,” Bey-Wright said. 

As of now, only about half of those living in Syracuse are vaccinated. Recently there have been six COVID deaths in Onondaga County since August 23.

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