At Lund Martial Arts Academy we teach a comprehensive system of martial arts where students learn to defend themselves both from standing and ground positions. This system of self-defense relies on the mastery of well-defined mental principles that can be transferred to every area of life. These principles aren’t just used to effectively defend yourself, they also help create stronger character and confidence leading the way to the life you desire.

Instructors at Lund Martial Arts serve as experienced guides who will support you to safely develop your body and mind. We promise to always provide a clean and professional classroom environment that both welcomes and challenges you. While you practice punches, kicks, arm locks, and chokes, we will help you enjoy your journey in the martial arts.

We always offer trial classes with no obligation so it’s easy for beginners to get involved with no extra stress. We hope you’ll contact us and learn more about how training at our academy can can truly improve your life.


“Our family highly recommends LMAA! The staff is professional, personable, and a lot of fun. They take the time to invest in your child’s character along with teaching them martial arts skills. Our now 6 year old son has grown leaps and bounds with his confidence in the year since he’s enrolled and gives them two thumbs up!” – Jamie

“Great staff! Environment is conducive with positive training and learning!” – Angela

“My son looks forward to martial arts each week. He has gained so much confidence since he began. The instructors are so supportive and energetic so the kids all learn so much while having fun! – Stephany

“Our instructor was so great with our 5 year old daughter. Always encouraged and complimented her while still discussing challenges and improvement. So patient and caring. Wonderful program.” – Ash

“I for sure recommend! I was a student there for about 7 years! I learned so much from all the instructors there. I couldn’t say anything bad! i’d for sure go back if I had the chance! Everyone there was so loving and welcoming. I learned so much not just about defending myself but the history behind it all. I definitely enjoyed all of it. Even the three hour long tests for the higher ranks.” – Autumn

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