5 Ways Key & Peele’s Super Bowl Special Was Better Than the Actual Super Bowl

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Key & Peele | Photo Credits: Comedy Central

Another Super Bowl’s in the books, with the New England Patriots defeating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 Sunday to win their fourth NFL championship. And while the game certainly had its share of spectacular moments – a last-minute game-clinching interception, for instance, or Katy Perry’s giant robotic lion – the actual game-day coverage was no match for Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key‘s Super Bowl special that aired on Comedy Central last week. (Let’s face it, even the ads during the actual game weren’t that great this year.)

Key & Peele’s Super Bowl predictions are the only Super Bowl predictions you need

For their Super Bowl special, the Key & Peele stars gave fans everything we were looking for leading up to the big game – including a barely-suppressed rivalry between quirky commentators, Richard Sherman’s thoughts on Oscar snubs and surprises and, of course, Allison Janney.

Here are five reasons that highlight why Key & Peele’s Super Bowl Special was better than the game itself (especially if you’re a Seahawks fan):

1. Better Player Intros: Key & Peele resurrect their “East/West Bowl” sketch to highlight some of the more unusual names in the sport of football – including their original inspiration, D’Brickashaw Ferguson.

2. Allison Janney: All hail, Queen Allison Janney! Though it can’t be summed up in a single video clip, Key & Peele’s repeated mention of (fictional) CCN projects starring the Mom actress was a hilarious recurring joke throughout their Super Bowl special. An example: Wagons, a nine-part miniseries that explores “what happens when a frontier woman riding the trail learns her father is an Apache chief?” (Tragically, there was no mention of Janney in NBC’s coverage of the Super Bowl.)

3. A More Intimate Halftime Show: Key & Peele’s halftime special may not have included as many theatrics as Katy Perry’s, but Office alum Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious still gave a rockin’ performance of “Move All the Chairs.”

4. More Interesting Press Conferences: Everyone knows Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman is never one to shy away from controversy either on or off the field, but in all of his sideline interviews, we’ve never heard his thoughts on the Oscar nominations – until now.

5. Better Behind-the-Scenes Commentary: Here, NFL commentators Bertram Skilling and Dante Pibb (Key and Peele) get some “Inside the Scrum” tips from former pros Wisdom Caldwell and Brunswick Smith (Craig Robinson and Gary Anthony Williams). Who knew how big a role farting and tickling played in football strategy?

Watch full video of Key & Peele’s Super Bowl Special here.

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