ABC50 presents Alex Hazard’s Life Hacks: Make your own bug spray at home


Pumpkin spiced lattes, apple picking, hot cider, and my personal favorite; bon fires on a cool night! Fall is here.

As a summer lover, I have a hard time admitting how much I actually love fall. But let’s just face it, fall is the perfect season. Except one thing…. you’re sitting around your perfect fall fire, hot cider in hand, and the bugs are eating you alive! Here are some Life Hacks to help with that:

Garlic. Turns out that bugs and vampires have something in common! They both HATE the smell of garlic. Eat it, keep it around, roast it, throw it in the coals around the fire… whatever you have to do! 

However, if your fall fire is supposed to be a little more romantic, garlic might not be your best option! Let’s get a little sweeter! Vanilla is another smell that is a good bug repellent.  Just drip a few drops in some water and wear it like cologne. Not only will you smell great, you’ll repel bugs as well!

-Life Hacks 

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