ELIZABETHTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The longtime leader of an Adirondack Park protection group is stepping down this year, starting a new era for the waters and mountains that the organization protects. William C. Janeway is set to step down from the Adirondack Council, effective this summer.

Janeway will end a 10-year run with the council, which works to protect clean air and water across the 6 million acres of Adirondacks. Janeway joined the Council in 2013. In his stead, Deputy Executive Director Raul “Rocci” Aguirre will step in as the acting executive director. Janeway will step down at the end of the summer.

“Today, the Adirondack Council is strong. Our mission remains as vital and relevant as ever,” Janeway said in an announcement on Monday. “Our long-range vision for the park reflects our values. The Council is in the perfect position to help the Park realize this vision, working with state agencies and other stakeholders, using an ever-evolving set of tools and strategies developed by the excellent staff.” 

In the last decade, Janeway has helped the Adirondack Council to improve environmental policies affecting the Adirondacks in both Albany and Washington, D.C. Staffing has grown from 13 to 21 people, and the Council’s annual budget has more than doubled. He also led the council in the creation of the “VISION 2050: Fulfilling the Promise of the Adirondack Park” plan, which projects strategies for protecting the Adirondack environment into the future.

“As I step back from the Council, I call on others to step forward,” he said. “I am not retiring. I wish the team and our partners the best, and hope to stay in touch. My resignation will be effective Sept. 15 to provide time for and to support a smooth transition. I want to be sure that the Council sustains the growth and momentum it has built over the past decade.”