ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Post-holiday sales can yield some great finds for thrifty shoppers. Discounted prices on decorations, clothing, candy, and things like wrapping paper can all be found at most retailers getting pushed to clearance sections. Online sales can also be found at some of the internet’s biggest sites like Amazon or Wayfair.

82% of Americans 18 years or older plan on shopping end-of-season sales this year, according to a survey from They said end-of-season sales are the best time to buy gift sets, holiday-themed products, and winter clothes.

What drives customers to shop for end-of-season sales? RetailMeNot said most (48%) are looking for better deals, based on their survey. 38% said they will return items they don’t want, 34% said they will be shopping for themselves, and 9% will be looking for things they couldn’t get before the holidays and availability of more items. consumer expert, Rebecca Gramuglia, has some suggestions for people looking to make the most out of post-holiday sales. Scoring the best discount starts with researching products and comparing prices.

Experts suggest making a list and sticking to it to stay within a budget for holiday spending. Gramuglia recommends the same for after-holiday sale shopping. She recommends looking at return policies. Discounted products may be considered a “final sale” making them unreturnable.

NerdWallet said January is a good time to buy bedding, linens, televisions, electronics, and fitness equipment. They also list what the best things to buy are throughout the year.

Speaking of fitness equipment, said 36% of Americans will buy equipment, gear, or accessories to help them reach their New Year’s goals. Most (85%), plan on spending up to $500.