AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Attention ice cream lovers! If you can get your hands on Klondike’s famous Choco Taco right now, consider yourself lucky. The popular frozen dessert has been discontinued. The ice cream can still be found in some local convenience stores, but there’s a very limited amount.

Sno Kone Joe owner Joshua Malatino is sad to tape up the Choco Taco sticker on his ice cream truck. For about 18 years, he’s has been serving the city of Amsterdam all the sweet treats from his ice cream truck, including the famous Original Choco Taco. It was one of his top-selling products.

“It was pretty shocking when I found out about it from my distributor. I was skeptical about it, as a lot of people were,” Malatino said. “I decided to call and email Klondike and they confirmed it. I just shared it on my Snow Kone Joe Facebook page for my local customers, and about 18 hours after that, my phone started blowing up.”

One of the first to share the scoop on social media, he got over 3 million views on his post. And in its response to Malatino, Klondike said it is sad news and was a tough decision. On their website, they said that they cannot fulfill the spike in demand for the frozen treat.

Malatino said that he hopes that all the publicly will help the dessert taco make a comeback. “We’re putting a lot of pressure on Klondike, so hopefully this will work,” he said. “The power is with the people, and maybe we can get this product back.”