Amy Schumer Perfectly Skewers Friday Night Lights and Rape Culture at the Same Time

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Amy Schumer, Josh Charles | Photo Credits: Comedy Central

Inside Amy Schumer has been called the “most sneakily feminist show on TV,” but every season Amy Schumer seems to grow bolder in her deconstruction of gender politics. During Tuesday’s Season 3 premiere, the show combined a spot-on spoof ofFriday Night Lightswith a scathing take-down of college rape culture.

“[Joking about rape] is always a risk,” Schumer said during a Tribeca Film Festival panel earlier this week. “Some people will always be upset at even hearing the word. You might look at this scene and think we’re making light of something serious, but we really are trying to educate.”

“We know what message we want to send, and then we also think the premise is funny, and then we go to town,” Schumer continued. “First of all, rape is good fodder for comedy, because it’s the worst thing in the whole world; it’s this untouchable. It’s such a fine line. We’re doing our best to have people not check out or get offended, but still get the message and laugh.”

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In the sketch, Josh Charles plays the new football coach in town whose radical idea – to not rape – doesn’t too sit well with the locals or his players, who can’t seem to grasp the concept of sexual consent.

“What if it’s Halloween and she’s dressed as a sexy cat?”

“What if she thinks it’s rape and I don’t?”

“What if my mom is the D.A. and won’t prosecute?”

“What if she’s drunk and has a slight reputation and no one’s going to believe her?”

“What if the girl said yes but then she changes her mind out of nowhere, like a crazy person?”

The questions keep coming until Coach finally manages to get through to his team with a rousing speech about violence, entitlement and privilege, But in typical Schumer-fashion, there’s a delightful twist that further solidifies her point of view on the very real issue that continues to infect our society.

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