DEWITT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Like every other shelter, it’s a full house here at the CNY SPCA.

“Right now we have about 125 cats, 70 dogs, six guinea pigs, six parakeets, a sundry of other animals including rabbits,” explained Troy Waffner, CNY SPCA’s CEO.

The organization also does dog control and cruelty investigations. This week contributing to those numbers, two separate incidents of animals being dumped outside the shelter.

“The kittens were literally left right here at our door step,” Troy said. “Right outside in the crate, no blanket or anything. It was a cold night. The dog was actually left right down there kind of on the western border.”

The dog found on the same day the air quality was poor in the Syracuse area. Waffner understands difficult choices have to be made but if you need to surrender your pet, there’s a process you should follow.

“You have to set up an appointment. Our veterinarian clinic, we have a full time vet and staff and they accept the animals surrendered that way they can get the medical background, the temperament of the dog, see what shots it has,” Waffner explained.

Before you adopt he suggests evaluating what you truly can handle.

“If you never had a chow you problem don’t want to adopt a chow as your first dog in life. You know what I mean? Or a German shepherd or something like that,” Waffner said. “Really, part of our process is we see what animal would fit a person that comes, and kind of make it a matchmaking service.”

An important step to ensure the animals here can find their forever homes.

The CNY SPCA could use your help. Donations of food, cleaning supplies and toys. They’re looking for volunteers too. To learn more visit: