Beyonce Finally Makes Mistake, Proves She’s Human After All

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Beyonce, who at this point is more brand than person, did something very un-Bey-like on Monday. She flubbed. She messed up. She made a mistake, people! Maybe even the first mistake she’s made since wearing this outfit.

Beyonce teased that she had a “big announcement” to make on Good Morning America. But was it a new album? A tour? Another bun in her (or a surrogate’s) oven? Based on this dramatic promo, it had to be something big. Huge even!

.@Beyonce has something amazing she wants you to know: “This is something I have to share with everyone…”— Good Morning America (@GMA) June 8, 2015

But no. It wasn’t anything exciting. It wasn’t anything, really. Beyonce made her Beyhive wake up at the ungodly hour of 8/7c in the morning to discuss her vegan diet – the same vegan diet she announced months ago. Oh, and Queen Bey couldn’t even be bothered to grace the GMA studio with her presence. Talk about phoning it in.

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Needless to say, the Beyhive isn’t too thrilled with all this. Some fans even began flooding Beyonce’s Instagram comments with non-vegan emoji.

Beyoncé reading her Instagram comments like— Allie (@Fergyonce) June 8, 2015

‘I love vegan food, said Beyoncé. It makes me ***Flawless, she continued.’— all things meat news (@KillioussBey) June 8, 2015

Beyoncé: I have an announcement Hive: OMFG A TOUR???? ALBUM?????? Beyoncé: Y’all fat lol— mer. (@theonewithbey) June 8, 2015

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