Bobby Johnson proves to be an offensive coach that makes an impact


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Mitch Morse injury certainly will complicate things for the new bills offensive line coach Bobby Johnson, but Johnson is proving to be hard to forget.

Those spending the day at the Bills training camp are guaranteed to hear a voice booming across the field.

The shouting comes from offensive line coach Bobby Johnson. His voice is hard to miss, and so is the hoodie he wears in the summer heat.

“I want my guys to think ‘Aren’t you hot?’” said Johnson, “and I’m like ‘no!’ now, I’m lying, you can see it, but my point is you have to be mentally tough. Physical toughness comes from mental toughness.”

The Bills O-line definitely notices.

“Outside guys looking might say ‘Holy crap, that guy is crazy,’ but it’s all love. We feed off of that which is driving this offensive line,” said Bills offensive tackle player Dion Dawkins.

Bobby Johnson admits he wasn’t the best behaved kid growing up. He credits his dad for his booming voice, and for also being a role model.

Bobby channels his dad when coaching the O-line.

“I heard my dad’s voice through all that stuff. When my dad yelled my name, I knew when I was in trouble. If you want somebody to listen, you have to have a presence,” said Johnson.

Johnson joined the Bills in January. During the hiring process, Sean McDermott told him what the Bills wanted in their offensive lineman. Johnson said that philosophy matched perfectly with him.

“Smart, tough, physical, dependable guys. That’s what I look for, that’s what we look for in this organization, that’s what we look for from those guys individually and collectively. Hopefully I display that to them,” said McDermott.

Training camp can be long and hard, but Bobby Johnson’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Just ask the Bills.

“He’s a little bit psychotic but in a way you want in an offensive line coach. The guy who is going to bring the passion and the juice everyday,” says Bills player Mitch Morse, “we don’t want anything else except Bobby Johnson in our corner.”

It’s unlikely anyone would complain.

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