Boris the Skeleton raises money for charity, brings smiles to faces all over the world


ENDICOTT, NY – If you’ve driven down Country Club Road in Endicott at all this year, chances are you’ve seen Boris the Skeleton.

The 12 foot decoration is a little hard to miss, and is always front and center in the yard of Scott Varcadipane and Samantha Dallaverde.

The couple, newly engaged as of last September, decided to get Boris last Halloween.

In January of 2020, Varcadipane suffered a serious injury while doing electric work at Johnson City Middle School.

Electricity shot through his right hand, went through his chest and came out his left had, resulting in 10 surgeries.

Boris was a way to lift his spirit that Halloween, a holiday the pair absolutely love.

But Halloween turned into Christmas, and Varcadipane wanted to put Boris back up, this time as the Grinch – and so they did.

It was then Boris took off on his way to global popularity. The day after Christmas, a “concerned citizen” sent the couple a letter, saying they forgot a Halloween decoration in the yard, and could they please take it down.

For Dallaverde, that just fueled the fire, and Boris became a permanent fixture.

“Saying that we may have forgotten our Halloween decorations out in our front yard and that it really bothered them, and it ruined Christmas for them and they want us to take it down. Well, I was not okay with that,” she says.

Boris has not come down once since then.

“He made it through the 43 inches of snow, he has made it through crazy windstorms,” says Dallaverde.

In April, the couple decided to fundraise using Boris, drawing inspiration from the Ohio social media star, Frank the Christmas Gargoyle.

“I was given a second chance at life, basically, so I’ve decided why not me try to give other  people a second chance, we try to give back to all these non profits,” says Varcadipane.

So far, they’ve raised money for breast cancer research, Alzheimers, autism awareness, Northern Rivers Family Services and more.

“People suggested that we start doing fundraising as well, so that’s what we decided to do. We tried to pick local fundraising to keep it here in Broome County. We also try to pick things that are near and dear to our family and things that we have been through,” adds Dallaverde.

They are currently planning to make a donation to a Binghamton Elementary school in the name of Harper Stantz.

There are no plans for Boris to slow down – in fact, in September, he got a girlfriend named Gladys.

In the time he’s been up, Boris has gathered fans from all over the world in places like the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, and every state in the US.

“I mean he has Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, he has his own webpage. It just has blown up into all of this,” says Dallaverde.

Coming up, Boris will be holding a holiday toy drive and will be offering new merchandise.

Dallaverde and Varcadipane donate all the money.

Boris’s fans also send him “love letters,” cards and other things.

“People send him cards, he gets more mail than I do,” says Dallaverde.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Boris, or how you can help contribute to the various fundraisers, you can find him on most forms of social media, including Facebook.

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