Buffalo’s ‘misfits’ won’t take Dolphins lightly


The Bills don’t want to hear that they are 17 point favorites.

They don’t want to hear that the Dolphins are 0-5.

Sean McDermott has been reminding his players often this week that Miami has been in most games at halftime and in the fourth quarter. He even pointed out that South Carolina, a 20 point underdog to Georgia last weekend, still won.

Some of it might be a bit of a reach, but the Bills are doing everything they can not to overlook this game.

“It’s very easy coming off a bye week to come back and be a little rusty. Then you look at your opponent’s record and it’s easy, just from a human mindset to say, ‘Ok… they’re not very good’,” Lorenzo Alexander said. “You have to fight against that, address it early, talk about it.”

“There’s not any team, no matter the record, that you can really take lightly week in and week out,” Jordan Poyer said. “I’ve been on the other side of a losing team. You’re hungry. You’re hungry for a win.”

Although the Bills aren’t the Dolphins, they don’t exactly have a sterling reputation league wide as the most talented or most successful. This is the only the third time they’ve been a double digit favorite since 2004.

In this case, the lack of respect helps.

“We’re a bunch of misfits. We’re a bunch of guys that a lot of teams wrote off. ‘He’s not good enough. He’s not big enough. He’s not fast enough’,” Pat DiMarco said. “We’ve just rallied around that. We’ve created such a tight knit group here that we’re kinda unfazeable, if that makes sense. We’re a team that, whatever you throw at us, we’re gonna respond and we’re gonna come back at you.”

It wasn’t all that long ago the Bills were the 17 point underdogs and still found a way to win last year in Minnesota. Alexander said there’s not much they can use to draw on from that game to help them avoid the Vikings’ fate. They weren’t in that locker room. They don’t know if the Minnesota players took that game seriously.

However, the Bills already believe in the way McDermott and the coaches get them ready on a week to week basis.

“The way we’ve been preparing so far, we won’t have that issue,” Alexander said.

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