Chasing climate understanding: James Balog’s new frontier

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Adventuring nature photographer James Balog, the inspiration for the movie Chasing Ice, has a new enterprise, a website that continues to educate about climate change.

Balog’s blog (say it three times real fast), Earth Vision Trust, aims to “inspire a balanced relationship between humans and nature.” Sounds so easy, but it’s the challenge of the 21st Century.

His vision, an extension of his groundbreaking work documenting disappearing glaciers, is to showcase the issues with visuals. The videos posted so far offer striking graphics and video narrated by experts striving to make it all sensible.

Here’s one example (below) that any junior high or high school science teacher could appreciate, because it clarifies a key core issues around climate change that are often debated:

1) Climate warming is the cumulative effect of rising temperatures across the planet, even in the ocean. Earth continues to warm,  despite a pause in the escalation of warming over the last 10 years and despite the fact that it may be winter outside your window.

2) Climate changes will ripple forward even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today — which is an excellent reason to stop or dramatically slow emissions pretty very soon.

Dr. Jerry Meehl, Senior Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), is the narrator here, laying out the indisputable evidence that our global temperatures are increasing, despite perceived lulls in the data.

Could it reach even those who are skeptical of climate change?  It would be nice. These are not political messages in any obvious way.



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