SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The City of Syracuse has filed paperwork in State Supreme Court asking a judge to allow the city to join the defense against a lawsuit that has, so far, paused the I-81 project.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced Friday, November 25, that the City of Syracuse has filed the motion.

On Wednesday, November 23, Syracuse City lawyers filed a motion to Intervene in a State Supreme Court suit commenced by Renew 81 For All. Four individuals and three suburban towns against the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the lawyers challenged the environmental findings of the State of New York with respect to the I-81 project.  

In early November, a State Supreme Court judge issued a preliminary injunction requiring the state to stop work on the I-81 project.

“Syracuse residents are being harmed by unnecessary delays in the Interstate 81 project, so the City is compelled to seek participation in this action,” said Mayor Walsh. “We want to ensure the court is aware of the extensive support that exists in Syracuse and Central New York for removal of the I-81 viaduct. The focus should be on proceeding with the project for the benefit of the City and its residents – not impeding progress and thwarting the ability of local people to access jobs and opportunities resulting from the project.” 

The City is an interested party and has the right to participate in the case, according to the City’s motion.

The City lawyers are asking the Court for permission to join the State in defending against the Petitioners’ claims regarding the findings and actions concerning the Community Grid alternative selected by NYSDOT.