Corelife Eatery not only survived the pandemic, it now thrives off new public appreciation for health


NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — From its start six years ago in North Syracuse, Corelife Eatery’s main concept has been about fast service and healthy eating. Foods are based on three elements- green, grains and broth. 

Before long, stores were opening across New York, then other states. Dozens popped up in a few years.

“We almost took it for granted, and then the pandemic happened and we really felt like we legitimately may not have made it,” said Todd Mansfield, co-founder of CoreLife Eatery.

Like many restaurants, Corelife slowed considerably, but its founding concept, healthy eating, proved to be the selling point to keep it alive.

“We’ve learned a lot about ourselves. We learned a lot about survival. We’ve learned a lot about our brand. And we believe that our brand is better positioned now than we’ve ever been, since opening North Syracuse,” Mansfield said.

Corelife did have to close a few stores, but opened others, continuing to expand. It’s now up to 67 stores, including a new one at SU’s Schine Student Center. This is the first Corelife ever opened on a college campus, but likely not the last.

“If we can get the 18 to 24 year old to experience our food and what we do, it just opens up all sorts of opportunities and more markets where they come back from school to home,” Mansfield explained. 

Surviving the pandemic hasn’t been easy for Corelife, much like so many businesses struggling to find staff. However, customers are much less difficult to find, especially now.

“Now, where people are actually really thinking in a different way about health and wellness, and how important your health is. All of a sudden, our mortality has become very real, and so CoreLife is very well positioned,” said Mansfield.

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