BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Following Medaille University’s announcement on Monday that the school will close on Aug. 31, several Western New York colleges have released statements that teach-out agreements have been reached with Medaille.

Daemen University

Daemen University was first to announce the deal on Tuesday morning.

The teach-out contract will allow students to finish their programs of study at Daemen, which said it will be working to provide all financial aid students are currently receiving.

“As part of the teach-out agreement, Daemen will work to meet all institutional financial aid a student is currently receiving,” the statement said.

It also guaranteed it will never cost a student more to earn a degree at Daemen than they paid at Medaille, that “as many credits as possible” will transfer over to help students graduate on time, and students will be allowed to room with their choice of other former Medaille students.

Canisius College

Canisius College followed suit Tuesday afternoon, confirming to News 4 that a teach-out agreement with Medaille was reached. Under the terms of the agreement, Medaille students transferring to Canisius would have the ability to complete their undergraduate or graduate studies.

“It is of the utmost importance that we support these students who are going through a unique and challenging circumstance at this moment in their lives,” Canisius College President Steve Stoute said.  “We are working diligently to achieve the best possible outcomes for the students and for Canisius.”

Villa Maria College

Villa Maria College also announced a teach-out agreement on Tuesday.

“Medaille students will be accepted to the College and can transfer the credits they have earned towards equivalent programs at Villa,” the statement said. “All Mavericks will be assigned an individual transfer counselor that will help them identify which of Villa Maria’s 19 academic programs most closely aligns with their current course of study. Some of the most overt matches include business, communications, psychology, and more.”

The Villa announcement also notes that the school’s tuition is less than what Medaille students paid in 2022-23, in addition to providing free textbooks and supplies to all students. The college also has an unlimited number of “Say Yes” scholarships for students who attended a BPS high school for four years, as well as academic and mental health support.

“This situation is understandably upsetting, and it’s probably not something any of these students thought they’d have to work through,” said Villa Maria President Dr. Matthew Giordano said in the release. “Villa is ready to welcome all incoming and undergraduate students who want to complete their degrees, and we’ll work with them to facilitate their transition. Villa is home to so many people for so many reasons, we believe the Mavericks will feel at home in our diverse, diverse, supportive, and tight-knit community that mirrors the atmosphere found at Medaille.”

Villa also welcomed Medaille students interested in playing men’s or women’s basketball or soccer to join a team.

Alfred University

Alfred University told News 4 on Tuesday that they are happy to help students impacted by Medaille’s closure.

“We’re looking forward to helping Medaille students,” Alfred President Mark Zupan said. “It was real clear how committed the faculty and staff of Medaille are to their students and we wanted to make this happen.”

Zupan said that Alfred’s Vice President for Student Experience Amy DeKay, a Medaille grad, is the reason Medaille looked to partner with Alfred for a teach-out agreement. He said that Alfred has also met with Medaille Interim President Dr. Lori Quigley and her team, as well as interested students, to get a feel for how the school can make the transition easier for undergrad and graduate students, as well as student-athletes.

D’Youville University

D’Youville released in a statement to News 4 Tuesday evening that it has also signed a teach-out agreement with Medaille University.

“DYU will allow all students to finish their programs of study at the same or lower cost of attendance,” the announcement said. It also said DYU will “accept all who choose to transfer as ‘Medaille University Legacy’ students” and will assign academic success coaches to ensure that all credits are earned and appropriate classes are taken.

Niagara University

Niagara University announced a teach-out agreement Tuesday evening.

“The ‘teach out’ agreement was developed to align the academic programs of Medaille and Niagara,” the announcement said. “Medaille students in good academic standing will have their academic credits automatically accepted at Niagara University. Additionally, Niagara will honor Medaille’s financial aid package for tuition and fees for students who enroll at Niagara University.”

According to the Niagara announcement, both universities are working together to ensure the best overall academic experience.

Buffalo State University

Buffalo State University is offering Medaille students a teach-out agreement to complete their bachelor’s degree, and added incentives along the way.

“Buffalo State is committed to providing students with a clear path to complete their studies,” said Randyll Bowen, vice president for enrollment management. “Our caring faculty is ready to embrace these students into our community given the sudden disruption to their studies.”

Buffalo State is hosting several information sessions, both in-person and virtual, for students interested in transferring. Several academic programs will also be hosting virtual presentations for Medaille students who are considering Buffalo State. Students can sign up on the Admissions Visit website.

Medaille students who attend one in-person or virtual information session will be eligible to receive a Bengal Experience Grant of up to $1,000 a year, the school said. If students choose to live on campus, they’ll be eligible for an additional Bengal Promise Grant of up to $3,000 a year. Applicants with at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA will also be considered for transfer merit scholarships on a competitive basis.

Hilbert College

Hilbert College on Wednesday announced its teach-out agreement with Medaille, also intended to align with Medaille’s academic programs.

“We’re proud to provide a home to a diverse student body in Western New York and beyond, rooted in our Franciscan heritage and charism and empowered by the continued expansion of Hilbert College Global,” Hilbert spokesperson Aidan Ryan said. “Our faculty and staff are standing by to help interested students navigate our many Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree pathways, both in-person and online.”

Ryan noted the school’s history of helping students affected by closures, including ASA College and Cazenovia College earlier this year, as well as its recent acquisition of Valley College.

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