Daughter launches company to raise funds for breast cancer after mom loses battle


WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Webster family is hoping the kindness and love of their mother and wife will live on, after she lost her battle with breast cancer. The family is now launching an online apparel store to help others with the disease.

Ariana Infantino was battling breast cancer for six years and just last week she lost the fight to it. Her husband describes her as creative, intelligent and over all, a larger than life personality.

“It was a long hard fought battle for her, but you never knew she was sick ever. Nobody knew she had cancer. You couldn’t tell unless she spoke about it,” said CJ Infantino. 

Together they had three kids and one of them, Grace, has a passion to draw and created an apparel company with her designs. It’s called Mossy Ink.

“I look up to her because she is good at it and she inspired me to do it. seeing her drawing all of the French Bulldogs made me like, oh I want to do this too,” said Grace Infantino. 

Grace and her mother wanted to have a design for breast cancer awareness month. But before she could see it launched, Ariana passed away in hospice.

Her husband CJ says even though Ariana was strong throughout her journey and even talked about death with her family so they would be prepared. He says it was still difficult to see her go.

“It was difficult when we knew it was getting closer and the pain was starting to show. That is when it became really difficult where it was okay death is here let’s talk about this and how you feel about it. But her acceptance of it and her acceptance of the situation made everything better,” said Infantino. 

From now until the end of October all proceeds for the pink ribbon designs will be donated to breast cancer research.

“It just feels like even though she’s gone, she’s still here supporting us because of all of this,” said Infantino. 


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