CENTRAL NEW YORK (WUTR/WFXV?WPNY) – As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. It first originated in a poem written by Thomas Tusser called A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry, in 1557. That version looks like this: “Sweet April showers Do spring May flowers.”  Although April isn’t the rainiest month in CNY and the answer may surprise you.

Average rainfall amounts for each month were calculated using climate normals from 1991 to 2020 and the results show that October is the rainiest month on average with a total of 4.67 inches of rain. The second highest is May with an average total of 4.46 inches, then July at 4.25in, June at 4.2in, September at 3.95in, and finally April at 3.72 inches, though it’s also tied with November for the 6th rainiest month.

Now if April isn’t bringing as much rain to CNY, what is causing flowers to bloom in May? In short, it’s a complicated mix of factors that make each year’s bloom unique, not only in variety but in profusion and timing as well. Some of these factors include how much rainfall we receive and how early in the season we get it, how much sunlight and how strong it is, and the warming of temperatures throughout the month.