ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This week on Empire State Weekly, the long and involved history of New York’s congressional and assembly district maps continued this week. The Independent redistricting commission charged with redrawing the assembly district lines must not submit them by December 2.

Jeffrey Wice, a Law professor and senior fellow at the New York Census and Redistricting Institute at New York Law School, explained that the most recent assembly map redraw came about after a Manhattan judge declared the last set of maps didn’t follow proper protocol. Wice explained the long history of redistricting goes back to 2014 when New Yorkers voted in favor of a constitutional amendment to task The Independent Redistricting Commission with drawing congressional, senate, and assembly redistricting lines.

Also, gas prices continue to shift this week, with some areas increasing as the state average is again pushing the four-dollar per-gallon mark. Kajal Lahiri, Professor of Economics at Suny Albany, explained the current war in Ukraine is likely to continue impacting gas prices in the U.S. Additionally, supply and demand differ across states, which explains why the price increases differ from state to state

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