Excelsior Pass can help verify your vaccination or COVID-19 test for venues


NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — With more events like baseball games opening across the state, many viewers have been asking the Your Stories team about the Excelsior Pass.

It’s a free way for a person to verify their COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results. There are three types of passes and they have different lengths of validity.

The COVID-19 vaccination pass is currently valid for 180 days after the pass is retrieved, and it was considered valid for just 30 days when it first rolled out. After it expires, you can get a new one from the Excelsior pass website.

The COVID-19 PCR test pass is valid until midnight on the third day after the test is administered. After your COVID-19 PCR test pass expires, a new test is required to retrieve a new pass. The COVID-19 antigen test pass is valid for 6 hours after your test, and after it expires, a new test is required to retrieve a new pass.

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