BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — NewsChannel 9 is following breaking news following a press conference held by the Onondaga County Sheriff, Toby Shelley, and Baldwinsville Police Chief, Michael Lefancheck, over a murder-suicide in Baldwinsville.

At 8:31 a.m. on Friday, January 20, Baldwinsville Police officers received a call from a woman and were sent to 6 Triangle Place to check on a young girl (the woman’s daughter) and her “estranged husband,” both, who lived there, according to Lefancheck.

The Baldwinsville Police found two dead inside the home.

They have been identified as 14-year-old Ava Wood, and 51-year-old Christopher Wood, Ava’s father.

Both appeared to have died by gunshot wounds, with Christopher Wood’s appearing to be self-inflicted.

Each of which, was found upstairs in separate bedrooms.

The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of the criminal investigation at this time.

“The gunshot to Mr. Wood does appear to be self-inflicted, so, while obviously the medical examiner and Sheriff Shelley’s Criminal Investigation Unit need to complete their investigation. Based upon their initial review of the scene, it would appear that that is a likely outcome of this investigation,” said Lefancheck.

The Sheriff’s office is aware of the weapon used, but not if Wood had a permit for it.

Lefancheck added that there is no further threat to the community at this time.

The Baldwinsville Police Department (BPD) and Sheriff’s office are currently working on putting together an accurate timeline of the incident.

During the conference, Lefancheck revealed that the parents were married, but living separately at the time. Ava was living primarily at 6 Triangle Place, in Baldwinsville.

There were two incidents between the mother and father of Ava Wood in the past. One was in March of 2022, and the other two days ago, on January 18, 2023.

“They did involve violence, one was a stalking incident and the other was an alleged aggravated harassment incident,” said Sheriff Shelley.

During the aggravated harassment incident, the mother was “receiving texts” says Shelley.

Shelley confirmed that the father was abusive towards the mother.

The Sheriff’s office is not aware of any previous suicidal tendencies of Wood. The BPD has had no contact with him other than an accident investigation that took place several years ago.

The Sheriff’s office is who took care of the other two previous incidents.

Ava was a 9th-grade student at Durgee Junior High School, in Baldwinsville. She was very involved at the school, especially in athletics. The BPD and Sheriff’s Office are working on counseling and outlets for those who are impacted by this event, especially other students.

If anyone is aware of any information, they are advised to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

This is an ongoing investigation.