Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A day on, not a day off

Ft Drum Corner

The Ft. Drum 10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade held a Special Observance Day for the local community to celebrate and remember the work of Martin Luther King Jr. This celebration was filled with members of the armed service, their families, as well as students and faculty from Evans Mills Primary School.

Guest Speaker, CSM (R) Shelton Williamson, spoke powerfully and plainly to everyone in attendance. Stating, “If I could place a title on today’s message, I would use a title of one of Dr. Kings books, ‘Where do we go from here?'”. His message was clear. There has been so much great work done in the way of civil rights and equality, but what happens next? How do we keep moving forward and continue the work done before us?

Col. Matthew Bresko reiterated those questions after CSM Williamson’s speech. Stating that the holiday shouldn’t be taken as a day off, but rather seen as a day “on”. The day should also be used as a day to reflect on what has come before us, and what is next in the fight for equality across the globe.


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