‘Get in the trunk’: 10-year-old boy fights off would-be kidnapper


GOSNELL, Ark. (WREG) — A 10-year-old boy is recounting how he and a 3-year-old neighbor were almost abducted by a woman outside their homes in Arkansas, according to WREG.

Dallas Cloud, 10, said he and four other children were playing outside his home Friday morning when a white car pulled up, driven by a woman. He said she was accompanied by a man.

“She told the family to get over there. They came over,” Cloud said.

Jamie Herron said she came outside to find the woman holding her 3-year-old daughter.

“I asked them what the hell they was doing,” Herron said.

“She didn’t really say anything but, ‘Get in the trunk. We’re gonna go for a ride,’” Cloud said.

Cloud said the woman then tried forcing him into her car.

“She grabbed my wrist, and then I kicked her in the knee, and she stepped on my foot,” Cloud said.

Cloud said he managed to get away while Herron stepped in to pry back her daughter.

“Pushing her, trying to pull her away, whatever I could do,” Herron said.

The woman left the scene but was later arrested.

Stephanie Price is charged with kidnapping, DWI and a number of other things. She has since been released on a $3,900 bond.

It’s unclear if police ever caught up with her passenger.

“I really don’t know where she would have took them or what she would have done to them after she sobered up. I really don’t,” Herron said.

Cloud’s mother said she’s taking no chances going forward.

“Since then, I haven’t wanted him out of my sight,” Amber Pannell said.


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