SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A State Supreme Court Justice affirmed a plan Friday, March 24, for a California-based company, Clear Investment Group, to buy three of the troubled apartment buildings managed by retired football star, Tim Green.

While the sale is pending, the company will take over immediate management of The Skyline Apartments, Chestnut Crossing and The James, all on James Street in Syracuse.

“It was a good day for the tenants today, because hopefully with the new management and the receiver, these tenants will be put as a priority and their homes will be made livable,” said Syracuse Corporation Counsel, Susan Katzoff.

The company is also interested in, but not yet ready to buy, a fourth Green National property, The Vincent on Syracuse’s South Side.

The other properties are one building, but the Vincent is a sprawling campus with at least eight buildings in disrepair.

That fourth property will be temporarily managed by a receiver, Lawrence Sall, until the future is more certain.

Sall will be responsible to make immediate repairs, but isn’t expected to fund them.

State Supreme Court Justice Danielle Fogel focused much of Friday’s hearing on the finances, looking for assets with outgoing owner Tim Green’s businesses.

Larry Fuller, a tenant of the Skyline Apartments, tells NewsChannel 9: “If (people) respected him, I think they’ve lost that respect.”