Gov. Cuomo gives update on coronavirus, 76 cases in NY


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Governor Cuomo announced a total of 76 cases of coronavirus now confirmed in New York State.

The latest breakdown by area is as follows:

  • 11 cases in New York City
  • 57 cases in Westchester County
  • 2 cases in Rockland County
  • 4 cases in Nassau County
  • 2 cases in Saratoga County

The Governor stated that with the increasing number of cases, state agencies are also cracking down on price gouging of customers when it comes to medical and protective products such as hand sanitizer and the illegal selling of medical masks online via Facebook or Ebay.

NYS is reportedly spending about $30 million a week to provide the necessary staffing, hiring, and the purchasing of protective equipment according to the Governor.

The Governor has declared a State of Emergency in order to expedite staffing, the purchasing of necessary supplies, and the testing process as well in order to serve more people in a shorter amount of time. The CDC is reportedly working to approve robotic automated testing in order to speed up the testing process as well.

The risk to New Yorkers overall when it comes to catching the coronavirus is said to be very low with 80 percent of cases classified as “self-resolving” meaning symptoms should go away on their own within two weeks. In New York, there are currently 10 people hospitalized with the virus out of the 76 total cases which is slightly less than 15 percent of total cases according to the Governor.

Johns Hopkins is currently monitoring new case updates while working closely with other health organizations. As of now, Johns Hopkins reports:

  • 102,000 cases worldwide
  • 3,400 cases fatal
  • 57,000 cases recovered
  • 41,000 cases currently sick

The Governor said there is no reason to panic as there are currently more people recovering from the virus than those that are catching it. Cuomo said the key to preventing new cases is to identify those currently infected and isolate them to help slow the spread of the virus.

Hundreds of tests are currently being conducted everyday across the state by the six labs working with NYS. As the capacity to test grows, so do the protocols in place to help deal with new cases said Cuomo. NYS is also covering the cost for those who would like to be tested.

Senior citizens and those with compromised immune systems are said to be at the greatest risk for the virus according to the Governor. He advised they avoid large gatherings if necessary in order to help best protect themselves against catching the virus.

As for the SUNY students who were studying abroad, the first round of 73 students will land in New York Saturday night. SUNY Brockport is one of the schools with quarantined housing set up for the students.

If you believe you are exhibiting symptoms of the virus, New Yorkers can call the coronavirus hotline at (888)-364-3065.


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