Governor delivers state budget proposal


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Cuomo Administration unveiled its $193 billion-dollar budget plans this afternoon. The Governor touched on some of the proposals from his State of the State presentation like legalizing mobile sports betting and recreational marijuana to generate revenues.  But, this year’s speech was very much focused on Washington’s actions. 

The state budget will be dependent on funding it receives from the federal government. The Governor wants $15 billion dollars from Congress. He’s also calling for a repeal of SALT, or the state and local tax deduction cap.

“This is a different type of budget than we’ve done in the past. And, we shouldn’t be surprised by that because it’s a different time, it’s a different year, it’s a different state,” the Governor said.

The Governor has come up with two scenarios for the budget. One is if New York only receives $6 billion, which the Governor is calling a “worst case scenario.” Under that situation the state would increase taxes on people earning over $5 million a year. 

“You’d then have to cut dramatically. You’d have to cut $2 billion in education funding, $600 million from Medicaid. You’d have to continue our 5 percent across the board reductions,” he said.

 But, if the state does receive $15 billion, the administration says those actions wouldn’t be necessary. “Then we can fund our labor agreements… we can restore the 5 percent across the board reductions that we’ve done to date. We have scheduled and proposed and passed. We have scheduled and proposed and passed a middle-class tax cut. We could go forward with that,” the Governor said. 

Senate Republican Tom O’Mara weighed in on the Governor’s budget proposal with this to saying, “He failed to make decisions on pretty much anything. Instead, he seems to be depending on what the federal government will do and begging for more resources and not giving credit to the federal government for resources that have been received through the two COVID packages over this past year.” 

State Budget Director Robert Mujica says if the state receives somewhere between the $6 billion and $15 billion from the federal government the administration will have to work with the legislature to decide on priorities. 

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