Governor launches statewide Red Flag Law education campaign


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office is launching a statewide education campaign on the new Red Flag gun safety law.

The law, which became effective Aug. 24, allows concerned teachers, school administrators and parents to petition to have someone’s guns taken away if an individual poses an extreme risk of harm to themselves or others.

Governor Cuomo held the first of three conferences to educate the public Wednesday afternoon at Farmingdale State College, two more are planned later this fall in Albany and Manhattan.

This common-sense gun safety measure can save lives and today is about understanding how to use it. With the Red Flag law, we are empowering educators and parents who believe an individual may be dangerous to themselves or others to take action for the safety of their community. 


New York state is also launching a call center and a new website offering information and step by step instructions on how to apply for an order.

What to know before you apply for an Extreme Risk Protection order

In accordance with the new Red Flag Law school officials, teachers and parents can apply for an Extreme Risk Protection Order, (ERPO) a court order issued when a person may be dangerous to themselves or others.

Before you apply, here are some warning signs to look for when spotting an individual posing an extreme risk of harm:

  • An individual making threats of violence
  • Taking steps towards enabling violent threats
  • A history of perpetrating violence
  • Bringing a weapon to school
  • Recent intensification of anger and impulsiveness

If educators or parents fear an individual poses an immediate risk they should:

  • Involve local law enforcement and give all relevant information
  • Take immediate measures to protect yourself or others. In the case of a threat of violence, call 911.
  • Alert authorities to notify any intended target of violence.

Once ready to apply, the application can be found on the Office of Court Administration’s website:

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