Hillary Clinton Talks Republicans, Emails and Immigration In Her First Full Campaign Interview

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has finally sat down for her first formal interview, and in chatting with CNN’s Brianna Keilar while campaigning in Iowa, addressed a series of topics ranging from her competition within the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders, to the idea of putting a woman on the U.S. currency.

Though Clinton may not have directly answered some questions, instead assuring that she has plans to formally address topics such as her economic proposals (she’ll be making a speech next week) and that she stands behind her behavior in the great email debacle, she definitely asserted that she has complete confidence in the American people.

Clinton addressed the skepticism of her trustworthiness with as much confidence as one could expect from someone in her extremely public position, saying that she “was elected twice in New York against the same kind of onslaught… and I think it’s understandable that when questions are raised that people are thinking about them and wondering about them,” though she is confident that the people of the country will learn who is on their side as the campaigning continues.

“At the end of the day, I think voters sort it all out. I have great confidence – I trust the American voter,” she said.

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The interview also covered the topic of her email situation while she was Secretary of State, reiterating that everything she had done, including deleting a mass amount of emails, was permitted by law.

And of course, she got in a great plug for The Clinton Foundation, which is designed to help improve global health in a variety of ways. Currently, Clinton says she has no plan to suspend or change anything about the Foundation in the face of the impending election.

On the possibility that 25 years after the first Clinton-Bush presidential race, we could be facing a reprise, with Jeb Bush, Clinton answered with a shrug “Well, we’ll see!” After a series of intense nods following the subject of Donald Trump and his recent comments about Mexican immigrants, Clinton said that she’s “very disappointed,” in Trump as well as the Republican party for not responding more appropriately.

As a result, she assured that she has a plan to address immigration reform, and criticized Republicans for being on a “spectrum of hostility…all the way to grudging acceptance but refusal to go with a pathway to citizenship.”

Clinton then addressed the change in her relationship with the media, considering the timing of the first interview since announcing her campaign, implying that her decisions are made in a way that prioritize the public. “I totally respect the press and what the press has to do,” she told Keilar, “but I wanted and was determined to have the time that I needed to actually meet and listen to people.”

And which woman does she think should appear on U.S. currency? “I am very torn about it,” she said, assuring that she is all for having a woman on a bill. “I don’t like the idea that as a compromise you would basically have two people on the same bill, that seems pretty second-class to me. So I think a woman should have her own bill.” And yes, she believes it would be more appropriate to change the $20.

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