(NEXSTAR) – If you’ve ever imagined yourself just settling down in one of the cozy, staged “rooms” in an IKEA, this may be the apartment for you.

The Swedish retailer is renting out a tiny, 107-square-foot apartment in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo, according to a recent listing on the company’s website.

The marketing ploy includes only a single, small unit. The rent is also minuscule, at just 99 yen – or 88 cents – per month.

The apartment, which became available Nov. 24, is fully furnished with IKEA products and comes with a compact wardrobe, kitchenette, washing machine and full bathroom.

“One of the keys is to make good use of the vertical space,” IKEA wrote in the ad. “By capturing the room three-dimensionally, new possibilities open up in a limited space.”

Making good use of vertical space is also a key architectural component of Tokyo, which is home to nearly 14 million people. Shinjuku, located on the city’s east side, is a bustling district known for its nightlife attractions and is home to roughly 346,000 people.

The apartment is available to members of the free “IKEA Family” program who are 20 years and older. The tenant will have to pay for utilities and sign a lease through January 15, 2023, CNN reports.

It’s not the first time IKEA has dabbled in the tiny home movement. In October 2020, the retailer teamed up with VOX to create a mobile Tiny Home.