Kim Richards Officially Charged for Drunken Hotel Fight

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Kim Richards | Photo Credits: Corbis

Less than a month after her arrest, Kim Richards has been hit with official charges stemming from her alcohol-fueled run-in with the Beverly Hills Police Department.

This week, E! News reported that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office confirmed that Richards has had three misdemeanor charges filed against her: One for public intoxication, one for obstruction/resisting arrest, and one for battery against a police officer.

Report: Kim Richards enters rehab

On April 16, the police were called to the Beverly Hills Hotel to deal with a drunken Kim. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star locked herself in a bathroom and refused to come out when the police arrived. When they did get her out, she kicked an officer — hence the battery charge.

Richards has struggled with alcoholism and sobriety for years, including much of the time she’s been on Real Housewives. After the April incident, she did an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil and subsequently entered rehab.

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