(WSYR-TV)– Kinney drugs has opened vaccination appointments up to three and four-year-olds and have a method to help children out with the vaccination process.

The following is a list of ways that Kinney Drugs is hoping to help ease the panic when it comes to the receiving the vaccination:

  • Family appointments: Parents can schedule a single appointment for two children at once.
  • Dedicated, longer appointment times: to ensure that children have time to adjust and feel more comfortable.
  • Free, optional “Buzzy the Vaccine Bee” experience: Buzzy is a bee-shaped device that applies vibration and cold to numb the area and helps take the sting out of the shot.
  • Distraction activities and a small post-shot treat.

The President of Kinney Drugs, John Marraffa, expressed his feelings on the subject, saying, “As a pharmacist and President of Kinney Drugs, I am glad that we are able to vaccinate our pediatric population. Our Kinney pharmacists are committed and determined to help our communities end this pandemic and I am confident that our teams will create a positive experience for children and their parents or caregivers.”

A list of Kinney Drugs locations can be found below:

To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment for ages 3-4 in New York, click here.