Labor Day weekend saw gas price increase in the North Country


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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Drivers across the state and the nation are paying at least four cents more on average for a gallon of gas than they were a week ago, according to AAA. 

Tuesday’s national average is up four cents to $3.19 per gallon. Last year, drivers were paying $2.22 for a gallon of gas. 

Meanwhile, here in New York State, the average is sitting at $3.28, which is up five cents compared to last week. One year earlier, New Yorkers were paying $2.30 per gallon on average. 

Here is a list of gas prices from CNY, WNY, and the North Country: 

  • Batavia – $3.25 (up one cent since last week) 
  • Buffalo – $3.23 (up seven cents since last week) 
  • Ithaca – $3.26 (up six cents since last week) 
  • Rochester – $3.28 (up eight cents since last week) 
  • Rome – $3.29 (up two cents since last week) 
  • Syracuse – $3.25 (up seven cents since last week) 
  • Watertown – $3.24 (up two cents since last week) 

AAA believes gas prices will start to go down now that the Labor Day holiday has passed. 

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