WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A new phone app is being used in Lake George, Glens Falls and Warren County at large in order to keep residents better equipped with updates during emergency situations. The new Ready Warren County NY app is being pushed as a way to get emergency information into the hands of county residents, whether they live in community centers or out in the lower Adirondacks.

Ready Warren County NY was developed to drive push notifications to phones in areas where cell service may not be good enough to reliably deliver phone calls or text messages. The county says the app has been designed to keep rural phone service in mind, as push notifications can sometimes get through when other methods of cell phone contact cannot.

“Our new cellphone application will be a great tool for our emergency services folks to use during bad storms, power outages and when other emergencies develop,” said Warren County Board of Supervisors Chairman Kevin Geraghty. “We are glad to have this new tool that will allow our staff to quickly notify residents of emergency situations that affect them.”

The app will send notifications of emergencies like storm damage and effects, and will also direct residents to resources during emergency situations, including places to get clean water and ice. The app also includes links to emergency services around Warren County; websites with further information about power outages, weather and wildfires, and water levels; a connection to the Warren County Storm Reporter app, for use in reporting storm damage; and links to checklists and other preparedness resources, to ensure your home is safe and secure.