GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – City residents, as the leaves fall, take note. This week, the city of Glens Falls has announced open pickup dates for leaves, stray branches and other yard debris for this fall.

This autumn, the city Department of Public Works will operate open pickup for leaves and other yard debris starting on Tuesday, Oct. 11. The period will run until either Tuesday, Nov. 18, or the first major snowfall to hit the region.

During the open pickup period, leaves and other debris can be swept to the side of the road, with brush separated from yard waste and accumulated in district piles. The city asks that residents not mix topsoil, sod, trash or any heavy materials in with leaves and yard trimmings.

After open pickup ends, the city will start collecting yard debris in biodegradable bags only starting May 28 the following spring, running until the next October. Bagged waste will be collected on the following weekly schedule:

  • Tuesday
    • Ward 3
  • Wednesday
    • Ward 2
  • Thursday
    • Ward 4
    • Ward 5
  • Friday
    • Ward 1

The schedule follows the ward designations outlined by the city’s voting boundaries. If you don’t know what ward you’re in, consult this map by the city of Glens Falls:

The city also put out a reminder that its DPW employees do not service major clearing operations or commercial businesses. Open pickup season is for residential property only.