SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On July 1, the 174th Attack Wing will assume all fire and rescue operations at Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport from the City of Syracuse Fire Department.

Currently, operations are overseen by Syracuse’s Fire Station 4. However, the 174th’s assumption will provide a team of 27 firefighters, which is double the current staffing. This provides 9 or 10 firefighters per shift.

Jason Terreri, Executive Director of the Syracuse Airport Authority, says it’s standard for the guard to provide fire services for a shared airfield. He also mentions that there will be no noticeable changes to the public, except for some cost savings.

Jason Terreri will answer some questions about the change later this evening.

How does the City of Syracuse feel about the takeover?

In an interview with NewsChannel 9’s Newsmakers on Thursday, Mayor Ben Walsh said no firefighters will lose their jobs and will be reassigned to other fire stations throughout the city.

Mayor Walsh said, “All those firefighters are critical parts of our team, and we’ll take good care of them so they can continue to take good care of us.”

In terms of how much the City of Syracuse budget will lose in income from the amount the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority paid for the firefighting services, Walsh said he expects it to be “fairly minimal.”

“We’ve been crunching the numbers,” Walsh said. “We think the airport was getting a pretty good deal, and our costs were actually greater than what they were paying.”