Attorney representing city of Watertown/fire department battle not likely to be fired anytime soon.

Local News

Is it a change of mind for Watertown’s two newest City Council members?

Both Ryan Henry-Wilkinson and Lisa Ruggiero, who each sworn into office Monday, told 7 News the downstate attorney representing the city in its contract battle with the fire department is staying on.

During the campaign, however, both called for attorney Terry O’Neil to be fired, possibly as away to resolve the three-year stalemate. Henry-Wilkinson told 7 “to bench” O’Neil now could “hurt the city’s efforts.” Ruggiero, meanwhile, says O’Neil’s time might be “coming to an end,” but that likely won’t be until after the “current phase of litigation.”

Fellow member Cody Horbacz also said both the City Manager and O’Neil have “been put on notice” that results are expected within the year.

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