‘Bachelor in Paradise’ preview: Jordan confronts Benoit about Jenna

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By Good Morning America

The love triangle between Jenna, Benoit and Jordan will continue on this week’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

In sneak peek of tonight’s installment, Jordan is shocked when he sees Jenna making out with Benoit, explaining that she’d previously told him, “This is gonna suck, telling him we’re done.”

Afterward, Jordan, who got emotional over the ordeal, asked to speak with his competition alone.

“She says she’s gonna come and tell you what’s up,” Jordan told Benoit. “Do you see why I’m frustrated? Because words are not meeting with — it’s not matching. Words and actions aren’t matching.”

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Though Jordan and Jenna seemed to hit it off, in last week’s episode he caused a ruckus when he destroyed a massive stuffed dog another suitor had given to her. Benoit’s timing, then, was perfect: he arrived shortly thereafter, and took Jenna on a romantic date.

Who will she choose? The next episode of “Bachelor in Paradise” airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ONLY on ABC50! 

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