Capital Region says goodbye to Patty Farrell

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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Family and friends are saying goodbye to a longtime member of law enforcement who also became a Capital Region symbol of the battle against heroin addiction.

During her life’s career, Patty Farrell worked as an investigator for the New York State Department of Health.

Before that, spending 20 years as An Albany Police detective, a cop just like her father.

Patty Farrell will likely be best remembered as a loving mom who turned heartbreaking loss into a mission.

“It would make drug dealers be held accountable,” Patty told NEWS10 ABC.

It was in the halls of the Capitol is where we would typically find Patty.

Heroin had just begun its deadly grip on our region. In 2013, her daughter Laree was one of its casualties.

“It was the worst day and moment of my entire life. She was gone on me, she was just gone,” Patty speaking about her daughter’s death to NEWS10 ABC.

“When she lost that battle with her daughter she took on a whole new meaning of life,” Senator George Amedore (R, C, IP-46th Senate District) said.

Sen. Amedore worked with Patty and pushed for passage of Laree’s Law named after her daughter.

It’s an effort to hold drug dealers accountable, by facing homicide charges if one of their users overdoses on heroin or a controlled substance sold to them by that dealer. It passed five times in the Senate, but never in the Assembly.

“We owe it to Patty to pass this law.”

Patty had one last fight, that against cancer.

Her obituary read that on Friday the spirit of Laree took her by the hand and led her to eternal peace.

At her wake in Colonie, she will receive full honors by the Albany Police.

Karen Mink, a longtime friend and Patty’s former partner on the force spoke with us before the service.

“I want people to remember her heart, her compassion. Friendship and love, the girl had a huge, huge heart,” Mink said.

Friends and relatives are invited to pay their respect here at the Canon Funeral Home in Colonie until 8 p.m. Monday night.

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