Caskinette’s Spearheading Harvey Donation Effort

Local News
Houston skyline on Aug 29 2017 after Hurricane Harvey-159532.jpg65823662

Caskinette Ford is at a loss like most of the country for the devastation underway in Texas, as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Owner Rick Caskinette, and the entire staff, want to do their small part by spearheading a local relief effort aimed at collecting badly needed donations for the victims of the storm. 

Starting today everyone is encouraged to visit Caskinette Ford (on Route 26 outside of Carthage), where they will be accepting donations of much needed supplies for the thousands of misplaced families in Texas. They will have a truck on the showroom floor where donations of food, water, toys for the children, or any other type of donation you feel would be helpful will be collected. Caskinette Ford will take care of mailing these supplies to the appropriate places.

“This is a time where we all need to come together, and show the true spirit of being an American, and show the people of Texas the support and generosity of Northern New York. The simple question to ask is Caskinette Ford cares, do you? If so please stop by with whatever you can.”

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